CopperheadOS Android 10 update is now live

CopperheadOS is a custom operating system for smartphones and tablet devices, based on the Android mobile platform. It adds much higher privacy and security features to the official releases of the Android Open Source Project.

Now, after the release of Android 10 officially, most of the custom firmware developers have started building the Android 10 based custom ROM and CopperheadOS is one of them. It’s interesting that Copperhead Limited company sells Nexus and Pixel smartphones with CopperheadOS preinstalled. So, all the CopperheadOS users should rejoice as the CopperheadOS Android 10 update is now live.

Though in early 2019, there were some rumours that the CopperheadOS is going to end. But the CEO of Copperhead Limited has officially confirmed that the CopperheadOS development and selling continues with the second generation Google Pixel devices. Recently, the founder of CopperheadOS has announced the latest Android 10 update on Reddit which is appreciable.

CopperheadOS Android 10 update is live

While the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users will soon receive the latest Android 10 update who are running this custom firmware on their devices. With this new Android OS version update, the CopperheadOS users will be able to set app permissions like “Allow only while in use”, “Sensors Off” toggle, etc. Additionally, the users will get system UI improvements, Scoped Storage feature, DuckDuckGo search engine for the privacy-focused users, and more.

Now, talking about the exclusive Android 10 features, CopperheadOS users will get system-wide dark mode, focus mode, customizable & resizable windows, improved icons & widgets, customizable vibration intensity, and more.

All the CopperheadOS users should wait for the official OTA update notification on their devices. Till then, keep visiting the blog for more info.


Ravis Sharma
Ravis Sharma
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