Disable “Protection By My Xperia” Before Unlocking The Bootloader On Sony Devices

Guide: How to Disable “Protection By My Xperia” Before Unlocking The Bootloader On Sony Devices.Fix “Unable to Unlock Bootloader on Sony Xperia device” Problem / Issue

Sony is one of the most popular Android smartphone manufacturers in the world.Sony releases many entry to high-end devices every year.Most of the Sony devices are very popular.So many people buy Sony Xperia devices.There are loads of ROMs, kernel available for sony devices.There are many developers who work hard to provide root, ROMs, and kernels for Sony Xperia devices.

If you own a sony Xperia device and ever tried to unlock the bootloader of the device you may have failed, if not then it’s great.But many users reported that they couldn’t unlock the bootloader of the device.They even said they follow every step  carefully but failed.So we thought it would be great if we can help them.

First, we have to know why they can’t unlock the bootloader after following the guides carefully.The Answer to the question is Sony gives more importance to security than anything.There is a security setting available in the Xperia devices called ” Find my Xperia ” which helps in finding lost devices.So if your lo0se your phone, you can find it.But if you unlock the bootloader it willnot work.So the option is pre-enabled.But the great news is that you can disable the option from the setting to unlock the bootloader of your sony device.So disabing Protection By My Xperia will help you to unlock the bootloader.It is worth trying.

Follow the simple step to Fix “Unable to Unlock Bootloader on Sony Xperia device” Problem.

How To Disable “Protection By My Xperia”

(Do it before trying to unlock the bootloader of your sony xperia device)

Disable "Protection By My Xperia"

  • First Go to the Settings of your Xperia device.
  • Then Settings [icon name=”arrow-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Security [icon name=”arrow-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Protection by my Xperia » [icon name=”arrow-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] disable the service

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Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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