Download and Install Google Assistant Right Now On Your Android

Updated On Mar 10, 2017- Guide: Download and Install Google Assistant Right Now On Your Android Device.Google Now has finally developed a more personal assistant. The AI-powered assistant not only understands context-based conversations, but it also connects to other Google products and works in sync with them which is great and now it seems better than “Siri” in many ways.

For instance, Google Home that uses Google Assistant as its core functionality can listen to your commands either through your voice or through your smartphones just like Amazone’s Alexa.Google Assistant can also carry out multiple operations such as making lists, setting alarms, translating languages and many more.

Talking about the situation dependent conversations, the Google Assistant pays attention to the previous query and provides answer accordingly. For instance, you’re planning a meeting, so you ask the Assistant for a restaurant near your University, and then you jump to the next question and ask if there’s a Lebanese restaurant nearby. Google Assistant is quick enough to understand that and even provides you with options to book a meeting from within the app.

Now the great news is that anyone can install the Google Assistant on his android phone if that runs android marshmallow or any latest versions of android.Follow this guide to Download and Install Google Assistant Right Now On Your Android device.

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How to Install Google Assistant Right Now On Your Android

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Download and Install Google Assistant Right Now On Your Android

How to get Google Assistant update:

Start with installing the latest Google Play Services; they act as the core framework for all Google functionalities. Note that you should have the latest version installed on you device to get Google Assistant running on it. Now follow the steps below.

  • Download Google Play Services from either of the given links.
  • The latest version of Google App is required ( or above).

Now change the system language of your phone to English USA as the Google Assistant rolls out in phases, choosing its English speaking US users first. Now refer the points below:

  • Open settings.
  • Choose Language and Input option.
  • Select the Language- English (United States).
  • Now you are ready to install Google Assistant.

Note: If you still did not get Google Assistant, go to settings -> Apps -> Google App -> Clear the Cache and Reboot. You will then be able to get your Google Assistant.

At the moment, Google Assistant only works with Marshmallow and Nougat. So if you want to have Google Assistant, but your OEM hasn’t been updated to Marshmallow or Nougat, then you will have to familiarise yourself with custom modding and rooting your device.

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