How to download Google Camera 8.9 for Sony Xperia 1 V

The Sony Xperia 1 V is the latest flagship released by Sony and it comes with the all-new Sony ExmorT IMX888 primary camera sensor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, Night Mode support, and a lot more.

With a triple-lens camera array, the handset will be able to capture clean and detailed photos. However, did you know you can take things one step further by downloading and using Google Camera 8.9 for Sony Xperia 1 V?

There are many Goole Camera ports available for Android users and Sony Xperia 1 V supports GCam mod. The Google Camera mod comes with many useful features including Night Sight, Astrophotography Mode, HDR Enhanced, SloMo, RAW support, Lens Blur, and more. In this guide, you will get to learn more about how to download Google Camera 8.9 for Sony Xperia 1 V.

How to download Google Camera 8.9 for Sony Xperia 1 V?

9 for Sony Xperia 1 V

Sony Xperia 1 V is a feature-rich handset and it comes with Camera2 API support. You’ll also be able to install the GCam mod on your smartphone. Here is the newest version of GCam port by BSG-GCam 8.9 and the compatible GCam 8.1. Here are the links to download Google Camera 8.9 for Sony Xperia 1 V –

Here are the recommended settings to use for MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b_MGC.apk –

  • First, you need to download the config file on your smartphone
  • After that, open File Manager and make a folder, naming it “GCam” in the GCam folder
  • Create a new folder called “Configs8”
  • Open Configs folder and then paste the config file here
  • After that, open the Google Camera and swipe down to open Settings
  • Under Settings, you need to tap on Configs before loading the config file you downloaded earlier
  • GCam will now work after installing the Android 14 update on your device

For GCam 8.9, you don’t need to configure many settings but you can surely tinker with the settings according to your needs to enjoy better results.

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