Download Google Camera 9.1 for Poco X6 and X6 Pro

Are you looking to download the latest Gcam Port which is Google Camera 9.1 for your Poco X6 or X6 Pro? If yes, then you’re in the right place at the right time. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to download Google Camera 9.1 for your Poco X6 or Poco X6 Pro.

A few weeks back, Xiaomi’s spin-off Poco released its newest X-Series lineup, dubbed the Poco X6 and Poco X6 Pro. The handsets look identical to the Redmi Note 13 Series but they come with a 64MP primary camera rather than the 200MP shooter.

Both the handsets capture detailed photos with its main sensor in default 16MP model. However, switching to the 64MP mode might not get the best results. However, you’ll be able to enhance the camera capabilities using third-party camera apps, with the Google Camera 9.1 being the best one.

Download Google Camera 9.1 for Poco X6 and X6 Pro

Download Google Camera 9

There are a number of Google Camera ports compatible with the Poco X6 Series smartphones and the latest Gcam 9.1 from Google Pixel 8 Series performs great on the new phones. The app support features like HDR Enhanced, Night Sight Mode, Google Lens, RAW Support, SloMo, Astrophotography, and more.

You’ll be able to easily download Google Camera 9.1 and use them on your Poco X6 or X6 Pro thanks to the Camera2 API support. Here are the latest GCam ports and they work fine for the new handsets. Head over to these links and download Google Camera 9.1 –


  • First You Have to allow Google Chrome to Install Unknown apps (If you are using Chrome to download the Gcam apk)
  • Go to settings > search unknown sources > click on Install Unknown Apps
Enable unkown sources
For reference only
  • Now Go to Chrome (Assuming you will use chrome/chromite to download the apk) and enable Allow from this source
  • Download the Gcam from the download section above
  • Once the download is completed, click on the apk and install the app.

Once the GCam ports have been installed on your Poco X6 or Poco X6 Pro, you can begin taking photos. Yes, you do not need to carry out much configuration. You can directly start capturing great photos from your smartphone.

We hope this guide helped you download Google Camera 9.1 for Poco X6 and X6 Pro. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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