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Android Go is a popular lightweight operating system (OS) made specifically for low-end phones such as Galaxy M01 Core, Realme C11 2021, and Nokia 1. Due to limited hardware capabilities in such phones, Google has developed lightweight versions of its apps that run smoother on phones. These apps include Maps Go, Files Go, Gmail Go, and popular Google Camera Go. 

Google Camera is an extremely popular application which is natively built for Google’s Pixel phones. But, developers around the world have modified the original Google Camera application also known as GCam that even works on non-pixel phones too. Google Camera Go is one of the best camera applications made for low-end phones. The best part is that it works on all the smartphones running Android OS. 

The latest Google Camera Go 2.5 Mod is now available to download, all thanks to the modder Greatness. The new version brings allows the use of a secondary camera lens which is an important feature as these days even low-end phones come with more than one lens. Maximum Night Mode resolution has been set at 48MP the HDR mode is now enabled by default, also works when night mode is off. You can read more about new changes in the changelog given below.

Google Camera Go APK Mod with HDR feature {Gcam Go APK}

GCAM GO 2.5: What’s New?

  • Enabled Secondary Lens (Would use ID2 no matter what). Doesn’t require Restart. For using on Oneplus phones, just change the package name to using any apk editor (Apktool M is recommended)
  • Unhidden Night Mode, Grid Mode
  • Set Maximum Night Mode Resolution to 48 MP. Would use the maximum Dimensions per your device YUV Streams
  • Activate HDR by Default. It works when Night Mode is off.
  • Saves Logcat in GcamGo/log folder
  • Removed Options that don’t work

Both Night Mode and HDR quality are quite good.

Download Google Camera (GCAM) GO 2.5 APK

The latest Google Camera Go 2.5 APK has been extracted from Nokia 1.3. The application does not require Camera2 API to be enabled on your Android phone. It has been tested on a bunch of phones and works fine without any issue. Now, it’s time for you to grab the GCam Go 2.5 APK and take advantage of new features.

GCam Go 2.5 APK – Download Link (

GCam Go 2.5 APK – Download Link (

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