Download latest Google Camera Go 3.8 APK on Android devices

The Google Camera Go is a lightweight camera app designed for smartphones with low RAM capacity. This app was introduced in 2020 and it has since become an extremely popular choice for budget smartphone users all over the world.

The popularity of Google Camera has led to the development of numerous Google Camera Mods with numerous iterations. The latest version of this app is the Google Camera Go 3.8 and it is available for all Android devices.

The Google Camera Go app can easily run on any smartphone that you use it on. Unlike GCAM, this one won’t depend on camera2api or minimum hardware requirements. You can easily install it on your smartphone and take high-quality photos. In this guide, you will get to know all about downloading the latest Google Camera 3.8 APK on Android devices.

Best features of Google Camera Go

  • The Night Sight Mode will allow you to take stunning low-light photos
  • You can use the Portrait Mode for giving the photos a professional look by focusing on the subject as the background looks slightly blurred
  • The HDR+ technology enhances the details and color of the photos
  • With smart storage features and early warning notifications, this app ensures that you never miss a moment by helping you free up space for the photos when you need it the most
  • With the Google Lens built into the app, you’ll be able to see the world in your language by pointing the camera lens at foreign text

How to download Google Camera Go 3.8 APK

Download latest Google Camera Go 3.8 APK on Android devices

Here is the new Google Camera Go 3.8.476835377 (arm64-v8a) APK and it has become available for update. The size of the new app has been increased from 80 MB to 96 MB. Download the app by clicking on the preferred link appropriate for your device.

  • Google Camera Go 3.8 APK (arm64-v8a) – Mediafire
  • Google Camera Go 3.8 APK (arm-v7a) – AFH Mirror

It’s no surprise that Google Camera Go 3.8 is rated so highly among budget-friendly smartphone users! This app is incredibly simple to download, and provide impressive qualities such as night sight mode, portrait mode, HDR+ technology, smart storage, and access to the innovative product Google Lens. Achieve remarkable pictorial memories with just one download — get the latest version of Google Camera Go 3.8 now!

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