Download Mate 10 Dark Theme for Huawei devices running EMUI 5.0+

Download Mate 10 Dark Theme for Huawei devices running EMUI 5.0+: Huawei has been releasing their latest devices in China and other parts around the world with the custom skin of Android which has been known as EMUI and all the Huawei devices that have been released in the past couple of years have all come powered by EMUI which is based on Android. Now, we have also known that there are several versions of EMUI that have been released by Huawei until now and the latest version of EMUI comes with version 8.0 that has not yet been available for most of the Huawei devices.

Talking about the earlier versions of EMUI, Huawei released the EMUI 5 as well as EMUI 5.1 earlier last year which was based on Android 7.0 Nougat and 7.1 Nougat which were the latest versions of Android until Android Oreo got announced. Now, we have known that the company will release the EMUI 8.0 update which will be based on Android 8.0 Oreo. Also, the company recently released a list of devices which are confirmed to get the EMUI 8.0 update.

However, we have seen that the Huawei Mate 10 was released last year which is the flagship smartphone from Huawei for 2017. Later on, there was a dark theme that was released for the device that gave a whole new look and feels to the device that is not available in the system theme.

Download Mate 10 Dark Theme for Huawei devices running EMUI 5.0+

Now, we have known that this theme is available for all the Huawei devices and this theme can be installed on the Huawei devices running EMUI 5.0, EMUI 5.1 as well as the latest EMUI 8.0 which is present on the Huawei Mate 10. You can download this theme to your Huawei device and extract this theme and move it to the HWThemes folder on your device and apply it from the Themes section on your device. That’s it and you will have a dark theme on your Huawei device.

Download Mate 10 Dark Theme For EMUI 5.0 and above

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