Elden Ring Guide: How to duel and the etiquettes that you should follow

Do you get annoyed by the lack of honor and etiquette among players when playing duel matches in Elden Ring? If you’ve spent hours grinding on the Soul series, you’ll be aware of the different unspoken rules of PVP matches. These rules aren’t just to avoid savagery but also for following the Knight’s Code of Honor. While most players follow these unspoken rules, some players choose not to adhere to them. In this article, you’ll get to know about some common etiquette that should be observed and followed when dueling in Elden Ring.

How to duel in Elden Ring and the etiquettes that you should follow

  1. Give your enemy time to buff

Would you like if you’ve to fight injured or incomplete builds in a duel? You wouldn’t, right. The duel would be an unfair fight as the players aren’t going to be fighting at their best. You must allow the opponent to complete their build by using the buffs. Additionally, use that time to buff yourself too.

  1. Wave or bow for acknowledging

If the duel has been determined, you can use any gestures in emote. Although bowing is largely considered to be humble, it could be a risky option. As the emote takes longer than the wave emotes, the opponent could start attacking you. In such scenarios, it is suggested that you should observe the gestures of the opponent in the duel. If they bow, it’ll be safe for you to bow as well. Unless you’re respecting the player in a duel by not attacking, it’ll be an honorable fight.

  1. Allow FP flasks

Elden Ring Guide: How to duel and the etiquettes that you should follow

In a duel, although it is forsaken to make use of healing consumables, you could use the Flask of Cerulean tears. This will restore the FP and it is a fair tactic. Some duels will allow certain flasks of Wondrous Physick to be used that offer buffers to the players.

  1. Don’t attack your opponent using an emote

When fighting, you shouldn’t attack the opponent if they’re doing an emote. It’ll make no sense to attack someone if they’re acknowledging you. You can start the duel and begin attacking them once they’re done with their gestures.

  1. You shall not heal

Although this etiquette is slightly challenging, it is widely accepted and honorable. It’ll entice your enemy to call you Mega Noob. It’s fair to use Crimson Tears during an invasion. Using them during a duel isn’t favored in the Elden Ring community.

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