How to Fix Facebook Messenger Attachment Unavailable Error

People these days cannot live without social media and messaging apps. Even though most youngsters prefer using Instagram and Snapchat, the backbone of social media platforms still remains Facebook. Billions of people have accounts on Facebook Messenger.

However, the platform isn’t without its bugs and errors. Say that you have received a message on Facebook Messenger with a link to an article, photo, or video or you might have encountered the Facebook Messenger Attachment Unavailable error.

What do you do when this happens? If you’re not sure, then this guide will tell you what to do in case of Facebook Messenger Attachment Unavailable Error.

Steps to fix Facebook Messenger Attachment Unavailable error

[Fixed] Facebook Messenger Attachment Unavailable Error

Method 1: Set public sharing setting

  • Head over to your Facebook wall
  • Then, click on the three horizontal dots for opening the drop-down menu
  • Pick from the News Feed or Your Story options
  • On the right side, you’ll need to click on the drop-down menu and select “Public”

Method 2: Upload to specific groups directly instead of sharing the link

  • For entering the group of interest, head over to Facebook’s main page and then click on “Groups” on the left side
  • Then, select the group that you wish to post the picture in
  • Now, click on “Add Photo/Video” and ensure that the privacy is set to Public
  • Lastly, select “Upload Photos/Videos” and select the file to upload it

Method 3: Modify security settings before posting

  • Download the image to your PC
  • Right-click on it before selecting “Properties”
  • In the bottom, you should locate “Security” section
  • Tick “Unblock” before clicking on Apply and OK

Method 4: Set the privacy settings to Public

  • Click on the arrow in the menu bar present at the top-right of Facebook page
  • Then, click on “Settings”
  • Next up, you should go to “Privacy”
  • Under “Your Activity > Who can see your future posts” before clicking on “Edit”
  • Lastly, set the settings to “Public”
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