[Fix -2022] Bloody Finger Okina not invading Elden Ring issue

Elden Ring’s latest update has been out for some time and it comes from the same creators of games like Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Demon/Dark Souls saga. Similar to other games from Software Games, Elden Ring will also offer challenging difficulties where every enemy can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t calculate every move you’re making.

The game has a huge open world for exploring where you can find many weapons armor, items, and more. However, some Elden Ring players have been experiencing issues with not being able to invade Bloody Finger Okina. According to them, they aren’t able to obtain the Rivers of Blood Katana as the Bloody Finger Okina NPC isn’t spawning.

Elden Ring Bloody Finger Okina Not Invading issue because of not spawning

Once you defeat the Ring Bloody Finger Okina, you’ll get your hands on one of the best weapons – The Rivers of Blood Katana. It’ll help the players by giving them a high rate of damage. You’ll be able to get your hands on this amazing weapon when you reach the Mountaintops of the Giants zone, where you’ll find the Bloody Finger Okina. Recently, some players have been facing major issues with Bloody Finger Not Spawning in the game. While the reason behind it isn’t known yet, you can try and do your bit in trying to fix the issue.

How to fix the Bloody Finger Okina Not Invading Elden Ring issue?

fIX Bloody Finger Okina not invading Elden Ring issue

Elden Ring Bloody Finger Okina Not Invading is a common issue that many players have been facing in the game. Although the reason isn’t out yet, players have come up with a temporary solution for this issue.

Some players think that you’ll be able to stop the invasions of Bloody Finger Okina by defeating the Fire Giant. If this is the case, you’ll have to finish the game and start a new game.

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