How To Fix Common Nokia 7 Problems – Bluetooth, Wifi, Camera, SDcard, Mobile Data and more

Here we are sharing some of the commons issues Nokia 7 users are facing and How To Fix Common Nokia 7 Problems which includes Bluetooth, Wifi, Camera, SDcard, Mobile Data and more.So If you are a Nokia 7 user, then this guide is definitely for you.

Nokia has made a comeback this year with series of smartphones. Nokia 7 is a mid-range smartphone with attractive specifications. It comes with an aluminum body and Corning Gorilla Glass protection. It runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and HMD Global has promised to upgrade all the latest Nokia smartphones to Android 8.0 Oreo very soon.

Every smartphone has certain common problems and bugs, and Nokia 7 is no different. If you are thinking of buying Nokia 7 or already bought it, you must know some of the common Nokia 7 problems and their solutions. All the problems a user may encounter while using Nokia 7 are explained below with definitive solutions.Now check the guide to find out different methods to Fix Common Nokia 7 Problems

Some Of the Common Nokia 7 Problems and How To Fix Them

Bluetooth Issue

Pairing with Bluetooth device is also an issue reported by many users.

Solution –

  • Power Saving Mode must be disabled.
  • Go to Bluetooth Settings and clear the cache.
  • Clear all the profiles saved and restart your phone. Start connecting again.

Wi-Fi Issue

Whenever your face problem with Wi-Fi connectivity, take the following steps –

Solution –

  • Turn off router and go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and tap on forget the preferred network.
  • Add your network again with all the details. Keep an eye on the activities using Wi-Fi analyzer application.
  • Disable Power Saving Mode and make sure your device is recognised by your router by MAC address.

Front Camera Issue

Some users are not satisfied with the low light condition of the front camera. To get the best output from it, you have to watch out for the surrounding light. The camera has small aperture and hence, very small amount of light goes through to the sensor.

Solution –

You make sure that when you are taking photos with the front camera, there is ample light in the surrounding. The subject must be on the opposite side of the light. 

SD Card Issue

Some users have reported that their SD Card is not getting detected.

Solution –

  • Restart your device and insert the card.
  • If not detected, insert the card in another phone and check if it is working.
  • If detected, format the SD card on your computer via card reader and then reinsert in Nokia 7.
  • If not working, try another card and if the problem is still there, take your device to the service center.

Mobile Data Connectivity Issue

Some users have reported that some apps are not working on mobile data but working over Wi-Fi connection.

Solution –

  • Go to Settings> Networks>Mobile Network>Access Point Names. Tap on APN and change the protocol to IPv4 orIPv4/IPv6.

Performance Issue

There are certain performance issues reported by the users like repeated reboots or random reboots. There are issues with lagging and stuttering.

Solution –

Install Greenify app from Play Store. You can hibernate background apps that you do not need through this app to prevent lag in performance.

The problem could be due to some apps and hence, you can uninstall the last few apps you installed or you can go for a Factory Reset.

Battery Issue

The most common issue in Nokia 7 is of overheating and fast battery drainage. If you play high-performance games and stream high-resolution videos online continuously, the battery will drain faster than ever and it will lead to overheating. There are a few steps you can take to minimize them.

Solution –

  • Uninstall the unnecessary apps from your device to prevent battery drainage by them in the background. Perform a Factory Reset after uninstalling them.
  • Keep the resolution of the videos you are streaming to optimal.
  • Go to Settings>Battery and check the battery usage to find out the apps that are draining it the maximum.
  • Do not use your device while it is charging to prevent overheating.
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