[Gcam] Download Google Camera 8.6 for Moto G72

Are you looking to take your photography skills to the next level? If so, then you should consider installing Google Camera (GCam) on your Moto G72 smartphone. GCam is a popular third-party camera app that includes many advanced features such as Night Sight, Astrophotography mode, SloMo, Beauty Mode and HDR Enhanced. It also includes Google Lens which allows you to search for information about objects in your photos.

The main benefit of installing Google Camera for Moto G72 is improved image quality due to advanced algorithms that enhance colors in photos taken using this app compared to stock apps provided by device manufacturers or other third party camera applications available in the market today.

The Night Sight mode also allows users to capture stunning images even in low light conditions without compromising picture clarity or color accuracy which provides greater versatility when taking pictures under various lighting scenarios . Furthermore , portrait mode enables users take professional looking shots quickly without having any prior photography experience .

Download and Installation

[Gcam] Download Google Camera 8.6 for Moto G72

To install Google Camera on your Moto G72, you can simply download and install any of the available GCam ports. These include GCam 8.6 by BSG, Nikita’s GCam 8.2, and Wichaya’s GCam 7.3. The installation process requires creating a new folder called GCam, and then downloading and pasting the configuration file into a configs7 folder. Finally, open the Google Camera app and double-tap the black empty area next to the shutter button

Installing GCam on the Moto G72 is easy – all it takes is downloading an APK file and sideloading it onto the phone. There are several different versions of GCam available online; some are designed specifically for Motorola phones while others will work with any Android device running Marshmallow or higher OS version. Once installed, you can start experimenting with all of its amazing features right away!

From taking stunning low-light shots using Night Sight mode to capturing breathtaking landscapes using PhotoSphere feature – there’s something here for everyone! You can even use Playground mode if want some extra fun when shooting pictures or videos with friends and family members alike! With these powerful tools at hand anyone can become a pro photographer in no time at all – so why not give it try today?


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