How to get Android Oreo icons on any Android device

Now get Android Oreo icons on any Android device: The latest Android Oreo comes to devices with a lot of new features and cool design. The one thing many users loved with the Android Oreo is the icon pack available with it. The other features added with the Android Oreo are the picture in picture mode, quick reply, notification shades, autofill, UI tweaks and a lot more. When coming into the icons, they have a new design and better colors.

There have been a lot of inquiries from users to have the latest Android Oreo icons on other Android devices too. Now you can get the Android Oreo icons on any Android devices. You can simply download an apk file and install it on your Android device to get the icons. Now the apk file is available for free.

The link to download and the steps to install the icon pack on your Android device is given below. You will finally have to select a supported launcher to apply the icons. Once you install it you can get a UI similar to that of Android Oreo on your Android device.


Steps to Install Android Oreo Icon pack On Any Android Phones

Get Android Oreo icons on any Android device

  1. Download the app from the link given above
  2. Install the app on your device and follow the steps given below
  3. Launch the Android Oreo icon pack app
  4. Tap on the top left corner
  5. Tap on apply
  6. Select your preferred launcher to install it
  7. Open app launcher and use the Android oreo UI.

Hope you are clear with the guide. If you have any queries or feedback leave a comment below.

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