Download Google Camera for Nothing Phone 2 [Gcam 8.9]

In this guide you will learn how to easily download Nothing Phone 2 Gcam Port. The Nothing Phone 2 is an Android smartphone known for its excellent software experience. It comes with features like Camera2 API support, which lets you use third-party camera apps.

If your goal is to add GCam, the Google Camera, to your Phone 2 without having to root it, you’re in the right spot. This article will show you how to do just that for your Nothing Phone 2.

First, it’s important to confirm that your device is compatible with Camera2 API. We have a helpful guide on how to check this on your Android phone. In addition to Camera2 API, the Google Camera app needs Google Play Services to function properly. Without Google Play Services, most versions of the app will not work and will close unexpectedly. However, if your phone doesn’t have Google Apps, you can use alternatives like MicroG or the Gcam Services Provider. These can mimic the necessary Google libraries.

Step to Download and Install Gcam Port on Nothing Phone 2 [Google Camera 8.9]

Download Google Camera for Nothing Phone 2 [Gcam 8.9]

Here are the steps to download and install Google Camera on your Nothing Phone 2:

  1. Download the most compatible APK file of the ported Google Camera from one of these sources:
    • GCam 8.7 –
    • GCam 8.9 – MGC_8.9.097_A11_V3_MGC.apk
    • Gcam 7.3 – GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.6.apk
  2. Install the downloaded APK file by following these steps:
    • Head over to the settings then enable the Unkown Sources.
    • Install the Google Camera.
    • Open the app and allow app permissions if needed.

That’s it! You can now enjoy better photography with your Nothing Phone 2 using Google’s superior HDR+ optimization and its Portrait Mode.

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