Download and Install Google Camera Go 3.6 APK (Gcam Go)

Aside from Android OS, Google also features an Android Go Edition that features a super lightweight operating system for low-end devices (1GB RAM or less). It means that the lightweight OS comes with the Go Edition apps including the Google Search Go, Gallery Go, Files Go, Assistant Go, and the Google Camera Go APK.

The Google Camera Go recently got updated to v3.6 and it features many new features including a QR code scanner, allowing you to quickly and easily scan QR codes from the Camera app itself. The update also features a faster, high-quality Night Mode. The Night Mode for Camera Go will be similar to the Night Sight feature in the original Google Camera app. You can now click photos in low lighting conditions and in much more detail. Apart from that, you’ll get general bug fixes and compatibility for all Android smartphones.

Google Camera Go app features and new additions

The Google Camera Go is a light version of the original Google Camera app that is available with the Android Go edition firmware. It’ll come with features like Night Mode for photography in low lighting conditions, support for Auxiliary cameras or secondary lenses, and HDR+ for dynamic photos. While the Google Camera Goo app doesn’t come with a Play Store listing and there isn’t a changelog, there are many amazing features with this version including –

  • With Google Lens built into Google Camera Go, you’ll be able to see the world in your language by simply pointing the camera lens at the foreign text
  • Use Portrait Mode for giving the photos a professional look by focusing on the subject as the background will appear gently blurred
  • With smart storage features and early warning notifications, Camera Go will ensure that you never miss a moment by helping you free up enough space for photos when you need it the most
  • Use the Night Mode to keep the colors rich and details crisp

On top of all that, you’ll have the settings gear icon, a flash indicator, photo gallery/manager, and more. The settings will include options like Face Retouch, Flash, selfie mirror image, Timer, and grid.

How to download Google Camera Go 3.6 APK (MOD)?

Download and Install Google Camera Go 3.6 APK (Gcam Go)

The latest Google Camera Go 3.6.455515391_release (arm64-v8a) APK has been made available for download. The app has been extracted directly from Nokia 1.3 phone that runs on Android Go OS. The app has been tested and it works on many Android devices both new and old. It works perfectly on Samsung Exynos processors too. So users having a tough time running Gcam on their Samsung smartphones with Exynos processors can easily settle for the Google Camera Go.


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