Google Fuchsia OS features, release date and device list: What we know so far.


Google has been secretly building a new OS which is not based on Linux operating system and the rumors of the OS have again started to take some grounds. It was previously rumored that Google has been working on a new Operating system and there were some reports at that time as well that this OS could replace Android but this didn’t turn out to be true. Though, the OS has been in its developement and Google is planning something for this OS. This operating system has been named as Fuchsia OS. This OS is based on ‘Magenta’ kernel which is built by Google in-house and not on Linux Kernel on which Android as well as Chrome OS are built.

Now, we have some more reports in the form of images and video which show that the new operating system from Google, the Fuchsia OS is indeed in developement. This OS has not been optimized much but we can see that the OS has a Google Now cards like UI which can be scrolled up and down to see the events and happenings. The UI is called ‘ Armadillo’ and is built using Google’s Flutter SDK, which is widely used to create code that can run on multiple operating systems like iOS, Android and now Fuchsia.

Here is a short video of the Fuchsia OS’ Armadillo UI shown off in action hands-on

Fuchsia OS May 2017 Armadillo preview

List of Devices which are expected to get Fuchsia OS.

Armadillo seems to be an OS for both smartphones and tablets built around a card-based system for managing applications. The UI includes some Google Now-esque suggestions and also allows for the cards to be dragged around and used in a split-screen format.

The home screen is basically just a vertically scrolling lost of cards – there’s a central card with a profile picture, date, city name and a battery icon. Above that exist the ‘Story’ cards which are nothing but a list of recently used applications. Below the central card exists a Google Now style list of suggestions.

The Google documentation also states that the Magenta’ targets “modern phones and modern personal computers with fast processors, non-trivial amounts of RAM with arbitrary peripherals doing open-ended computation”. This means that the OS will target most of the flagship devices from the past years as well.

Release Date

Google’s Fuchsia OS is still in the early developement stages and the OS has not been polished just yet. Google has also not given any hints of releasing the Fuchsia OS. We expect Google to release the OS in the near future but it may not replace Android OS entirely.

Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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