How to Download Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Update/OTA Download Link

Samsung enthusiasts can now gain early access to the One UI 6.0 Beta, based on Android 14 even before its official release. While getting a spot in the beta program can be challenging due to limited availability and delayed rollouts, there is a workaround.

By manually sideloading the update ZIP file onto your device you can experience the latest OS features alongside fellow tech enthusiasts. In this guide explore the steps to capture the Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Update/OTA Download Link ensuring you are among the first to enjoy the new OS.

How to Capture Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Update/OTA Download Link?

  • Download HTTPCanary App

To start download and install the HTTPCanary App on your device. This app will play a pivotal role in capturing the download link.

  • Accept Terms

Launch the app and promptly accept the provided terms by tapping the Accept button.

  • Configure VPN

Proceed to Configure and tap OK to set up the VPN required for this process.

  • Install Root Certificate

The app will request you to install the HTTP Canary Root Certificate. To continue, tap Install and then OK.

How to Download Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Update/OTA Download Link

  • Skip Certificate Move
    At some point you may be prompted to move the certificate to the system CA list. For this process, simply tap Skip located at the top right.
  • Activate Monitoring
    Locate and tap on the blue icon situated at the bottom right of the app’s interface. Keep tapping until it changes color to green, indicating that monitoring is active.
  • Check for Updates
    Access the Software Update section in your device Settings menu and initiate a check for updates.
  • Capture the Download Link
    As the update begins to download swiftly return to the HTTPCanary App. Within one of the sections, you should now see the update download link listed typically starting with http://fota.
  • Copy the Link
    Long press on the link and choose Copy followed by Copy Link. This action copies the download link to your clipboard making it easily shareable.
  • Additional Information
    If you desire more information about the link a simple tap on it will provide additional details.

Capturing the Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Update/OTA Download Link grants you the privilege of experiencing Android 14’s latest features and enhancements before the official release. By following these straightforward steps you can join the ranks of tech enthusiasts who are among the first to explore the new OS build. Additionally you become part of a vibrant community of early adopters eager to provide feedback and share insights.

Shubham Pramanik
Shubham Pramanik
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