How long does it take to merge your Overwatch 2 Account?

For players who played the first game, the Overwatch 2 Account Merge process will be a necessary step for ensuring that all previously earned and purchased skins, characters, and other items make their way across to the new game. However, it can take a bit of time which frustrates players who see the constant “Account Merge In Queue” message. In this guide, you’ll get to know how long it takes to merge your Overwatch 2 account.

How long does merging an Overwatch 2 account take?

The option for merging account means that if you’ve switched platforms at any point during the original game’s lifetime, you’ll be able to combine all the items you have unlocked and your currency onto the central account. Once you’ve managed to link your accounts, you’ll be able to hop between different platforms and maintain all the progression and unlock as long as you use the same account.

Once you’ve completed the steps to merge your accounts, you’ll notice that the option on the main menu doesn’t disappear. If the option to merge accounts is still on the main menu, you’ll still need to wait for your accounts to merge. The wait time for your account merge for completion can sometimes take up to 4 days. Of course, the waiting time might be high right now since the game has been going through some major server issues with the launch and the huge influx of players.

How long does it take to merge your Overwatch 2 Account?

With time, the average time for account merging to complete would go down but it’s still best if you go ahead and sign up for it now. This way, you can fix any errors that you might run into when signing up such as your account merge not working. Once you’ve managed to get all your accounts merged together, you’ll get all the skins and currencies that you had on each account.

The only thing that you wouldn’t be receiving when merging accounts is the loot boxes that you might have stored up in Overwatch. Once your accounts get merged and brought into Overwatch 2, the loot boxes will be opened automatically and you’ll unlock whatever was inside the loot box. The best part about all the currencies being brought over is that you’ll be able to spend them in the new Overwatch 2 store.

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