How to Access Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24

When talking about basketball games, there is simply no denying that the games from 2K are among the best in the market. Recently, 2K rolled out the latest iteration in its successful basketball game series, and it comes in the form of NBA 2K24.

The new release brings in a number of exciting quests and game modes. One of which is the Mamba Mentality, which will reward you with a 750 VC and Decelerator Perk upon completion. However, this is easier said than done. Many beginner users are struggling to access Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24.

If you’re one of those players, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to access Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24.

Steps to access Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24

Gym in NBA 2K24

Here is how you can access Brickely’s Gym in NBA 2K24. Make sure that you try out all of the workarounds mentioned and check which one spells success.

Method 1: Create a 7’3 Build

  • Start by creating a new 60 overall (OVR) build (a 7’3 build is recommended)
  • Load into My Career game and then shoot 5 shots and then foul out
  • After you foul out, head over to Brickley’s Gym and you will get the option to walk in
  • Once you have completed the drill, head over to the main menu, delete the 60 overall (OVR)
  • Make a new build and then repeat

Method 2: Read the messages from Brickley

Turn on your in-game phone and read the messages from Chris Brickley. Once you have done that, the Art of Shooting guy will invite you to come back. Now, check if you’re able to access Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24.

Method 3: Wait for 7 days in-game

Users have reported that they managed to access Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24 after they waited for 7 in-game days. So you should also try to wait for the suggested timeframe and then check if this works for you.

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