How to add a bot to a WhatsApp group

More than 3 billion people rely on smartphone-based messaging apps for connecting and communicating with one another. WhatsApp is one of the leading smartphone messenger apps and it comes with several exciting features.

Whether you are using this app for casual texting or as a businessman, WhatsApp will feel right at home. The introduction of WhatsApp bots into the mix offers a simple, direct, and real-time means of communication. In this guide, you will get to know how to add a bot to a WhatsApp group.

What is a WhatsApp bot?

A WhatsApp bot is an automated system that converses with customers through WhatsApp. The WhatsApp number will also be your business number. It can take customer queries, provide quick replies, and offer canned responses. The bot functions depending on the user’s input through phrases or keypad presses that are programmed in its backend.

How to add a bot to a WhatsApp group?

How to add a bot to a WhatsApp group

You can create a rule-based bot or a bot that uses natural language processing. Your goal will be to create a bot that is capable of generating conversational-toned replies to the members of the group. Remember, you will require a WhatsApp Business API for deploying and using bots. Once you have got the approval for the WhatsApp Business API, you’ll be able to create the bot with the help of verified solution providers. Landbots is one of the best providers as you won’t require coding knowledge to use it. Here are the steps to use this bot.

  1. Start off by creating an account on Landbot
  2. Head over to the dashboard and click the “Bot” icon
  3. Choose the “Build a Chatbot” option
  4. Now, select “WhatsApp” as the channel
  5. Choose and activate the template (you will be free to experiment with the available template until you get one that suits your needs and style)
  6. You should set up a WhatsApp testing channel for testing the chatbot
  7. Click on “Add new Testing Number” and press “Confirm”
  8. Now, link the number to the bot by clicking on “Link Selected Bot”
  9. Type “Hi” for activating the chatbot
  10. Choose a block for customizing the bot
  11. Lastly, test the chatbot to see if it interacts according to your expectations
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