How to complete Ahsoka Tano Quest in Fortnite

Ahsoka Tano is one of the legitimate skin in Fortnite  that people love to incorporate into their profile. She is one of the characters’ skin beloved by Star Wars and known for its Not able detailed appearance.

However, it does not mean only this skin is the best in the game. Other options but players are having a problem grabbing this Skin to their Profile.

To be Specific, Ahsoka Tano Skin can be obtained by completing the mentioned quest for it. And the problem is here exactly as people don’t know how to complete Ahsoka Tano Quest in Fortnite. Reaching out to this concern, we tried to look for what exactly the quest is and it’s procedure. Fortunately, we found everything required for it, and going to share them all below.

Guidelines for Ahsoka Tano Quest Completion

Ahsoka Tano

It’s upto you how you can start with completing the Ahsoka Tano Quest. But before that let’s first look over what’s we exactly need to do here. See, To get Ahsoka Tano Skin you need to complete around 50 Quests, Open 500 chests, deal 5,00,000 damages to opponents, and eliminate 50 opponents. Additionally, players will get Ahsoka Tano’s Twin Lightsabers Pickaxe, Back bling, wrap, and loading screen. Now after noting them all, let’s look at the procedure to complete such a Quest.

  1. Simply, visit Jedi Outpost (blue markers on the map) in the game.
  2. Then look for Ahsoka Tano’s Hologram.
  3. Now speak to Ahsoka Tano and accept her offer to train you.
  4. Next, enter the rift and complete the Jedi training.
  5. After that, return to the island and use your training skills to defeat enemies.
  6. That’s it, when you reach to a specific number of enemy kills, the quest will complete.

Besides that, do note one thing this quest is available to those players who have bought Chapter Season 4 battle pass. I hope you got to know how to complete such a task in a Fortnite-like game. For sure, most of you have done this quest and got the reward items. Even after such a thing if you still any user have questions then do let us know in the comment section down below.

Image Credit: Fortnite

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