How to enable Auto Battle in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is finally here and it has got the fans excited. This is a fun game from one of the longest anime out there and people are exploring everything that this game has to offer. The game features an Auto Battle mechanic mode, which allows AI to take full control of the flight while a Speed Up mechanic will reduce the time spent watching attack animations. These settings can end up making the fights as short as 30 seconds.

Although these options might not be accessed right at the beginning of the game, they’ll get unlocked after 1 hour of gameplay. In this guide, you will get to know how to enable Auto Battle in One Piece Odyssey.

How to enable Auto battle in One Piece Odyssey

  • When the battle starts, you’ll see three default actions for each character – Attack, Skills, and Items
  • You need to press the Triangle/Y button and it’ll show you options like Swap Battle Crew, Run Away, Check Conditions, and Switch Battle Mode
  • Once you’ve selected the Switch battle Mode, you’ll get the option to switch between Manual Battle or Auto Battle where AI will take over

Auto Battle is a convenient feature and it’ll automatically select attacks, skills, and items. In fact, it’ll perform slightly better and faster than manual selection.

How and when to turn off auto battle?

enable Auto Battle in One Piece Odyssey

During the battle, you will notice the weakness or resistance indicated via pink up arrows (good) or blue down arrows (bad) in the upper left corner over the enemies’ icon.

In challenging fights, especially during boss fights, it’ll be important to pay close attention to these icons. If your current Battle Crew isn’t dealing enough damage, you can hit the triangle/Y button and stop Auto Battle, swap your Battle Crew, and then select someone with a better attack type. After that, you can turn the Auto Battle back on.

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