All Cube Fragment Locations in Lake Shore Cave in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an exciting game with lots of amazing features. You will have to manage as your skills and how many characters you have will matter. For that, One Piece Odyssey presents a “Cube Fragments” feature to help the player retain their lost items. Since the game is relatively new, not everyone knows the cube fragment locations in Lake Shore Cave.

In One Piece Odyssey, players need to find all cube fragment locations in Lake Shore Cave. The cube fragments are scattered throughout the cave, and players need to explore every nook and cranny in order to find them all.

Lake Shore Cave in One Piece Odyssey is a large cave that is home to many cube fragments. This guide will tell you where to find all of the cube fragments in the cave.

List of all cube fragment locations in Lake Shore Cave

All Cube Fragment Locations in Lake Shore Cave in One Piece Odyssey

#1. Luffy’s Cube Fragment x3

You should enter the Lake Shore Cave and defeat the Death Squirrel. The cube fragment will be available just after the cutscene where you’ll get the powers back and learn about the cube fragments. You need to break down the breakable wall and find the Luffy Cube Fragment x3.

#2. Nami’s Cube Fragment

Look straight from the location of Luffy’s Cube Fragment 3 and locate a tall pillar. After that, jump around to the next spot. You should turn around and scale the tall pillar for locating the cube fragment near a chest.

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#3. Zoro’s Cube Fragment

On the right, you will get a Knight Statue. The next fragment will be behind the statue.

#4. Luffy’s Cube Fragment

Climb up by making use of the grappling point and the ladder on the left. Once you reach the top platform, you will notice a grilled gate. Change characters to Zoro for demolishing it. Break the wall ahead and then gaze straight for discovering another Luffy’s Cube Fragment.

#5. Usopp’s Cube Fragment

From the previous location, you need to turn back and head right before going down the platforms. Defeat the enemies at the bottom and head left. You’ll find Usopp’s cube fragment in plain sight.

#6. Chopper’s Cube Fragment

From the previous location, you should turn left and look up. This is where you will find Chopper’s Cube Fragment.

#7. Robin’s Cube Fragment

From the previous collectible, you need to jump down and then head left before climbing up the ledge. Look up and then use the grappling point to reach the top of the platform. Once you’ve reached the top, you should go left for finding the Robin’s Cube Fragment.

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