How To Fix Charging & Battery Issues On Galaxy Note 8

Some Quick Steps To Fix Charging & Battery Issues In Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the latest flagship variant in the company’s Note series out of the blue last week. The device has been generally receiving positive reviews from the users and the critics have claimed that the Note 8 has got the best display in a smartphone.

Even though the device performs extremely well under several aspects like camera, performance and sound quality, some of the Note 8 users have reported that they are having issues with the battery. But don’t worry it is not a serious issue like it happened with the Note 7, they are just some minor problems like slow charging or fast battery drain.

If you are facing similar kind of issues, then you can follow the below tips to fix the Fix Charging & Battery Issues In Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


How To Fix Charging & Battery Issues In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Fix Charging & Battery Issues In Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  1. Traditionally, if there is any issue with an electronic device, it is advised to restart it first. As most of the times there might be a software problem or the device simply needs a fresh start. So, try restarting your Note 8 to see if it fixes the issue.
  2. In some rare cases, the unit you received might have been damaged by default. So check to see if there are scratches or dents on your battery and try to replace the device if possible.
  3. Even though the Note 8 is water resistant, water can still penetrate through your device. If you ever exposed your device to water, make sure to dry it out and charge it after some time.
  4. Sometimes either the charging cable you received or the charging port on your device might be damaged. So try using a different charger to ensure that there is no issue with the port.
  5. If your Note 8 frequently heats while charging and cools down instantly then there might be an issue with your battery. In such cases, try to contact Authorises service centre as soon as possible.
  6. If any of the above methods work, then you can try to factory reset your device to see if the problem persists. Just Go to Settings->Backup and reset->Reset->Confirm to factory reset your Note 8.
  7. If you notice a sudden change in your battery life or quick drain after you installed a new app, immediately uninstall the app as it might be the reason.
  8. Try charging your device in the safe mode to identify whether it is a software related issue or a hardware one. Just Power off the device, hold the volume down and power button to boot into the safe mode.
  9. If nothing seems to work for you, there is no other option than to visit the Samsung Authorised service centre near you and hand over your Note 8 to them and let the professionals handle your issue.
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