How to fix Matchmaking Not Working on Payday 3

Payday 3 is a fun action game that needs an online connection to match you up with others during the game. However, since it needs an online connection, it can present issues here and there.

Many users have been complaining that they are getting the Matchmaking Not Working issue on Payday 3. The matchmaking issues aren’t just appearing when loading into a game, they also seem to be happening mid-game.

If you’re getting this issue, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Matchmaking Not Working on Payday 3.

Steps to fix Matchmaking Not Working on Payday 3?

Matchmaking Not Working

Method 1: Restart the platform you’re playing the game on

Whether you are playing Payday 3 on Steam or Epic, the same will apply to both. You need to close the platform and restart it. If the issue is occurring on your end, restarting the game could cause this issue to clear up.

Method 2: Try to change the internet connection

If you are playing on a Wi-Fi connection, switch to LAN and vice versa. If you’ve got multiple connections at home, you should switch to the other one. It is recommended you attach an Ethernet cable from the router to the device, ensuring you get a secure internet connection.

Method 3: Allow the game to go through the Firewall

To carry out this step, you need to go into the Settings. Once there, navigate to the Firewall and Network Protection menu. Here, you should look for the option “Allow an app through Firewall”. Click this option and wait for a window to appear. Look for Payday 3 and then set it to “Public”.

Check if the Matchmaking Not Working issue is resolved. It is common for a Firewall to cause network problems for online games.

Method 4: Restart your router

You need to unplug your router for 30-45 seconds and then switch it on again. Another thing you can try is to power cycle your device. For doing that, you need to shut it off and then pull the power cable from the outlet. Wait for 30-45 seconds and then plug the cable back in. Now check if the Matchmaking Not Working issue is resolved.

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