How to fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi or Internet

Have you been having network issues with your Nintendo Switch? Many Nintendo users have been facing issues like Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi or internet. However, there are also errors like you keep seeing an error code or you might run into disconnection issues when you’re trying to play certain Switch games online.

We’re here to assist you if you’re having issues getting your Switch online. Here, we’ll go over a few easy solutions to reconnect to the internet and go back to playing games. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

The Switch’s online connectivity is required for many services, including voice chat, multiplayer modes, and game downloads. Even if you can still play the vast majority of games, this is still an annoyance. You can try a few different solutions until you find one that works. Several examples will be provided beneath. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi or Internet.

How to fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi or Internet

fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi or Internet

Method 1: Move closer to the router

If you’ve got a Switch Lite or another console in portable mode, you might be a bit too far from the router. You need to sit in a different spot to see if the connection has improved.

Method 2: Forward network ports

You should make sure that your Nintendo Switch can access all the bandwidth that it needs by forwarding ports through the router. The specifics to open and assign sections of your network to the Switch can differ depending on your hardware setup. However, it basically amounts to logging in to the modem or router and changing a couple of numbers.

Method 3: Restart the Nintendo Switch

Turning the hardware off instead of putting it to sleep can fix the issue. Hold down the Power button on the console for a few seconds to open the menu and select Power options. You can also choose to restart or turn off the console. Moreover, you can choose the Turn Off option for powering down the system completely.

Method 4: Restart the modem and router

Whether the network seems to be up or not, it won’t be a bad idea to power-cycle it. Whether the router and modem are separate, you should unplug them for around a minute. Plug your modem back in, wait for 30 seconds or so, and restore the power to the router.

If you’ve got a combination router/modem, you should unplug it, wait for a monitor or so, and plug it back in. Try the connection once more once it has completely started up.

Method 5: Check the firewall settings

Your network firewall might prevent the Switch from accessing services. You should put it into a DMZ for separating it from the rest of the devices and bypassing the firewall. The Nintendo support site has instructions to set up a DMZ for your Switch.

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