How to fix Powers Not Working issue in Starfield

Starfield is a fun video game crafted by Bethesda Game Studios and the teasers started as early as 2018, creating anticipation among gamers. While the game offers exciting gameplay, it has its drawbacks.

One of the issues troubling the users is the Powers Not Working issue. In this issue, the players are having issues using specific abilities in the game, making the game harder to play.

If you’re experiencing this issue, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Powers Not Working issue in Starfield.

How to fix Powers Not Working issue in Starfield?

Powers Not Working

Method 1: Check for Starfield updates

  • Start Steam and then head over to Library
  • From the left side, you need to click on Starfield
  • If a new update is available, Steam will automatically look for the update on its own
  • If you can find a new update, you should click on “Update”
  • The update can take some time to finish
  • Once you have finished the update, close Steam and restart your PC
  • Check if the Powers Not Working issue is resolved

Method 2: Verify and repair the game files

  • Start Steam and open the Library
  • After that, look for Starfield and right-click on it
  • Press the “Properties” button before going to My Files
  • Then, check the integrity of the game files by clicking on it
  • Now, you should wait for the process to end
  • Then, restart on your PC and check if the Powers Not Working issue is fixed

Method 3: Check keybindings

If you have changed the keybindings in the game, you should ensure that you check them once more. Incorrect keybindings can make it such that multiple Starfield powers do not work at the same time. Ensure that you’ve got the right keybindings set up such that you can activate and use different powers in the game.

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