How to remove a Bounty in Starfield

Bounty is one of the prominent ways to earn extra money in Starfield. Developers added this fun to know the player’s creativity and their attentiveness in the game.

If you don’t know, Bounty are the reward given to the player who captures the most wanted individual in the game. In case if faction does bounties on your head then for sure the surrounding members crave you and try to capture you.

All this happens because of In-Game rewards for which players eagerly wait. But this option offers the best way to earn free rewards in a Starfield-like game. Here everything is fine as players know the things related to bounties. The main concern that arises is they don’t know how and what steps to be taken to remove the bounties from their head. Reaching out to them, here we are sharing something.

Read out these steps to remove bounty in Starfield


There could be any reason that faction announce bounties on your head. Either you may have done something convenient that is against public favor. And I clearly understand if someone has bounties in their head then how they feel so. The most frustrating thing is players can’t do what actually they need to do to level up in the game. Meanwhile, there is a rigorous reason why players need to remove it.

For this thing, we tried to analyze the concern and found to remove such bounties we have different options. These are paying for it, serving jail time, or attempting to bribe the guards. I understand you can’t wait to serve a long time or neither take the risk of bribing the guards. Other than this, the only option is to pay the bounty amount. So, follow these instructions to remove bounty in Starfield.

  1. Simply, look for bounty boards.
  2. Then interact with the bounty board to know current bounties.
  3. Next, choose the bounty that you want to remove.
  4. Now pay the required amount to release our bounty.
  5. That’s it, you are done.

In this way, you can remove such a frustrating bounty in Starfield. I hope with this way players can focus on their In-game progress. From the above analyses, we have noted one thing always reserve some amount for such bounties. Or either be attentive while playing the core Starfield game. Apart from this if any user have a query then ask them below.

Image Credit: Eurogamer

Akhilesh Sharma
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