Snapchat App Crashing on iOS 16/16.1 (iPhone)? Here are possible fixes.

Snapchat is an incredibly popular app and has over 300 million daily active users worldwide. Although Snapchat is a very cool app to use, it has recently become the target of complaints from many Snapchat users who claim that they have the Snapchat app crashing on iOS devices. If you’re getting frustrated with Snapchat crashing on your iOS device, then this guide will be of great use to you. Here, you’ll get to know different methods to fix Snapchat App Crashing on iOS.

Why snapchat keeps closing every time i open it?

To begin, app crashes are extremely prevalent on the iPhone, and indeed on any smartphone. So, don’t stress over it too much. In-depth analysis is required to determine the cause of Snapchat’s crashing problem and how to fix it.

Perhaps despite several attempts, Snap has not found the underlying flaws that trigger the problem. Perhaps the failure to periodically clean out the social networking software is to blame for the issue. Or it could be that a sneaky iOS bug is causing problems. Additionally, your Virtual Private Network (VPN) subscription may be causing problems.

There are many possible causes, making it difficult to isolate a specific issue. For this reason, we’ll be employing a variety of methods in an effort to identify the source of Snapchat’s frequent crashes and provide a permanent solution.

How to fix Snapchat App Crashing on iOS 16 or above

Snapchat App Crashing on iOS 16/16.1 (iPhone)

Method 1: Update the app

Update an app on iPhone-iOS 16 or above

For devices running Snapchat on iOS 13 or later

  • Head over to the App Store
  • Type Snapchat in the search box
  • Look for Snapchat from the results
  • Now, tap Update below Snapchat

For devices running Snapchat on iOS 12 or earlier

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap your profile icon present at the top
  • Scroll through different options and then look for Snapchat
  • Now, tap Update next to Snapchat

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Method 2: Clear Snapchat cache

Clear App cache Snapchat-iOS-IPhone
Image Credit: Guiding tech
  • Open Snapchat on your iPhone
  • Tap the Profile icon at the top left
  • Choose the Settings icon at the top right
  • Now, scroll down and then tap Clear Cache under ACCOUNT ACTIONS
  • Lastly, select Clear

Method 3: Force stop and reopen Snapchat

Force Stop/Close Snapchat App on iOS-iPhone

  • Open the App Switcher

On iPhones that have Touch ID, double-tap the Home button

On iPhones that have Face ID, swipe up from the Home screen

  • From the apps that come, you should swipe close Snapchat
  • Tap Snapchat in the App Library for reopening it

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Method 4: Delete and re-install Snapchat

Delete and re-install an App on iOS-IPhone

  • Long-press the Snapchat icon
  • Now, select Remove App
  • Then, head over to the App Store
  • Search for Snapchat and then install it again

Method 5: Deactivate the VPNs

Disable VPN on iOS-iPhone(1)

VPN services can sometimes work against certain apps because of IP fluctuation. If the VPN is still active, Snapchat may keep closing or fail to work at all. Therefore, making sure that you deactivate all VPN services when using Snapchat might work.


Crashing issues with the Snapchat app on iOS 16 are widespread, although they don’t seem to be a major concern. If none of these solutions worked for you, you can still use Snapchat properly once Snapchat releases an Update for those who were impacted. I really hope this article was of some use to you.

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