How to fix Warzone 2 Dev 6345 error code

With the release of Warzone 2, fans were treated to new gameplay features, mechanics, modes, and other things. The new battle royale dropped with a plethora of bugs and performance issues, which are preventing the players from enjoying the game. One of the errors in the game is the Warzone 2 Dev 6345 error code and it occurs for PC players trying to launch the game or when looking to queue up for a match. In this guide, you’ll get to know different methods to fix Warzone 2 Dev 6345 error code.

How to fix Warzone 2 Dev 6345 error code

Method 1: Restart the game and the client

Restarting the game and the Steam or client will help you fix the issue. While this might only be a temporary solution, it will let you enter the game, queue up for matches, and enjoy Warzone 2 without any problems. You can go a step further and start the game and launcher as the Administrator as this will also solve the issue.

Method 2: Perform scan and repair

  • Open the launcher and then navigate to the game Warzone 2 in the list
  • Click on Settings and then select Scan and Repair
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for completing the repair process

Method 3: Check GPU and graphics settings

Often, players try to run the game in the maximum settings possible, your PC or console might not be able to handle the settings and throw dev errors. To fix that, you’ll need to lower the graphics settings and see if it helps.

Method 4: Force the game to run on DirectX 11

fix Warzone 2 Dev 6345 error code

  • Open the application and then select COD Warzone 2
  • Click on the Settings log and move to game settings
  • Then, click on the check box of Additional command-line arguments and enter d3d11 on the text box and click OK

Method 5: Change the game language

Many players have suggested that changing the game language helps with this issue. For many users, the game language comes set to the US by default. If you change the language to UK-English, the problem could be solved. You can easily change language preferences by going to the Game Settings page.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get it to function, file a ticket to Activision Support. We trust that you’ve been able to resolve this matter. Be sure to check out Rootmygalaxy for more helpful tutorials like this one.

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