How to fix You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games and it has changed gaming over the last few years. It was one of the most played games during the COVID-19 era. There are numerous amazing features in the game but it isn’t without its issues.

One of the issues is the “You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services” error, which doesn’t allow the players to play Minecraft. This issue started appearing in 2021 and continued appearing in 2022 and it is still evident today.

If you’re facing this issue, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services in Minecraft.

How to fix You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services in Minecraft

Since 2021, Microsoft has made it mandatory for players to have a Microsoft account if they want access to Minecraft games. It means that all Microsoft players must connect their old Minecraft accounts with a Microsoft account. This can be the account you’re using for Windows or Xbox Live account. This issue arises when your Microsoft account has trouble connecting to the iOS Minecraft PE app. This can be due to multiple reasons.

Method 1: Restart the game

How to fix You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services in Minecraft

The most basic thing that you can try is turning off the game and restarting the device you are playing the game on.

Method 2: Sign out and sign in again

If it doesn’t help, you should try to sign out before signing in again. You can do so by entering the Settings Menu. Then, click on the profile tab and use the option to Sign out of your Microsoft account. Then, you should simply sign back in.

Method 3: Adjust the time settings

If you’re still getting this error, try to adjust the time settings. You should set the Time and Time Zones automatically on the system that you’re using to host the Minecraft server.

  • Open Settings
  • Now, go to Time and Language
  • Navigate to the Date and Time tab
  • Now, you should Turn on the Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically
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