How to Get OTA Updates After Changing Samsung CSC

If you want to change your Samsung phone’s CSC to unlock more features, you might worry about losing OTA (Over-The-Air) updates. This guide will show you how to keep getting updates even after changing your CSC.

Samsung phones have different features depending on where you live. These include Samsung Pay, Samsung Wallet, call recording, call assistant, and language options. The CSC (Country Specific Code) in your phone’s software controls these features. Changing the CSC can sometimes bring back paused updates or cause problems if not done correctly.

Here’s how to change your CSC and still get OTA updates.

Important Tips for Changing CSC

Changing your CSC can give you new features, but it can also cause network problems and stop future updates. Be careful when changing your CSC. Samsung CSCs fall into three main types:

  1. Open CSC
  2. Carrier CSC
  3. Country or OEM CSC

If your phone has a carrier-specific CSC, do not change it. If your CSC is Open or Country-specific, you can switch to another CSC without losing network settings.

There is also a Multi-CSC type. This type includes many Open CSCs for different countries. Here are some examples:

  • ODD: Includes ETR, INS, INU, NPL, SLK, TML
  • OXA: Includes BTU, CPW, DBT, ITV, KOR, XEF, XEO

To learn more, check our detailed list of Samsung CSC codes. You can switch between CSCs in the same set. For example, if your phone’s CSC is EUX from OXM Multi-CSC, you can change it to INS or BTU without issues.

[Guide] Keep Getting OTA Updates after Changing CSC

Many users report that their phones stop getting OTA updates after changing the CSC. If you switched to a CSC in the same Multi-CSC set and are not receiving updates, try this solution:

  1. Enable Developer Options:
    • Open Settings and go to About phone > Software Information.

      Samsung software information screen
      Samsung software information screen
    • Tap the Build number 7 times and enter your device PIN to enable Developer options.
    • Screenshot 20240609 120612 Settings edited   Screenshot 20240609 120620 Settings edited
  2. Access Developer Options:
    • Tap the Back button and select Developer options from the Settings screen.
    • Screenshot 20240609 120652 Settings edited
    • Find the “Force update when restarting” or “Auto update system” option and turn it on.
    • Screenshot 20240609 120823 Settings editedScreenshot 20240609 120830 Settings edited
  3. Restart Your Phone:
    • Restart your Samsung phone while still in the Developer options screen.
    • Restart Samsung Galaxy Phone
      Restart Samsung Galaxy Phone

Following these steps should help you get OTA updates after changing your CSC.

This guide aims to provide a clear and straightforward way to manage your Samsung phone’s CSC settings while ensuring you continue to receive important software updates. By following these steps, you can enjoy the benefits of CSC changes without losing access to updates.

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