How to Gift Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass [Referral Program]

Microsoft has introduced a new Xbox Game Pass referral program that allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members to invite up to five friends for free 14-day trials of PC Game Pass. With the help of this scheme, players can invite their friends and family to utilise Game Pass for free.We’ll look at how to give your friends a free Game Pass trial.

Before you do anything else, it’s crucial to understand that the referral programme is only accessible to friends who have never used Game Pass.They won’t be qualified for this offer if your friend has already signed up for Game Pass using the email you’re planning to use for the free trial.

Also, if your friend accepts the referral offer, they won’t be able to use another introductory offer later, such as the promo cards that come with accessories.

Steps to Gift Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass [Referral Program]

How to Gift Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass [Referral Program]

To send a Game Pass Friend Referral Invitation, there are two methods available. The first method involves opening the Xbox app on your PC and heading to the Game Pass located on the left. The Give PC Game Pass button may be found in the screen’s centre once you’ve reached the Game Pass home page. Clicking on this button will prompt a smaller window, in which you’ll be able to create a link for invites. You can share that invite with a total of five friends who have never subscribed to Game Pass.

The second method is heading to Xbox’s official website for this new feature.After you log in to your account, the Invite your friends button will appear in the centre of your screen. Click this button to access the invite link. As soon as you have it, you may send your friends the link by email or another social networking platform.

PC Game Pass includes access to all of Microsoft’s own Xbox PC games, hundreds of third-party PC games, Bethesda PC titles, and an EA Play membership to try out new releases for up to 10 hours. This makes it an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to try Game Pass for free before paying for it.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s Game Pass referral programme is a wonderful chance to introduce your friends and family to the benefits of Game Pass. You can easily gift a free Game Pass trial to your friends and encourage them to join in on the excitement of playing hundreds of PC games by following the easy steps detailed in this article.

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