How to program a Universal Remote to Toshiba TV?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in the midst of watching your favorite movie or TV show and then your Toshiba TV remote stops working?

There are Universal Remotes available in the market that you can use in such situations. You can program a Universal Remote to Toshiba TV. This way, you will be able to use a universal remote on your Toshiba TV and ensure it works properly.

If you’re looking to know how to do this, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to program a Universal Remote to Toshiba TV.

How to program a Universal Remote to Toshiba TV?

Universal Remote to Toshiba

Here are the steps you need to follow to program a Universal Remote for Toshiba TV –

Step 1: Gather the needed information

Before you start programming your universal remote, you need to gather information regarding your Toshiba TV. You need to look for the model number of the TV and the brand and model of the universal remote.

The model number of you Toshiba TV will be located on the back of your TV or in the user manual. It’ll help you identify the correct remote control codes for your specific model.

Different universal remotes come with different programming methods and code databases. Knowing the make and model of the remote will ensure that you’re following the correct instructions.

Step 2: Find the remote control codes

Once you have gathered the information in Step 1, you can search for the correct remote control codes to program a Universal Remote to Toshiba TV.

5 digits universal remote codes for Toshiba TV – 15716 11524 11356 10149 11916 10736 12724 10856 18016 11325 11935 10845 11210 19114 18418 12305 11959 10822 15355 10650 10003 15412 11256 11343 11936 15532 10093 12109 10060 10154 13403 19443 11265 11918 18206 12615 10036 11743 13504

4 digits universal remote codes for Toshiba TV – 0983 0924 0260 0398 0394 1121 0156 1191 0120 3675 0508 1667 0037 1916 0009 2598 5137 0715 1160 1063 0111 1340 0095 1704 1265 0924 0419 0613 1050 1356 5035 1196 1343 1294 1118 5096

3 digits universal remote codes for Toshiba TV – 120 117 013 049 159 178 109 105 089 044 785 014 170 018 260 108 394 071 077 090 044 866 902 688 757 243 909 117 118 000 012 394 137 149 851 909

Step 3: Program the universal remote

Once you’ve got the correct remote control codes, it’ll be time to program your universal remote to work with your Toshiba TV. The process to program the universal remote to Toshiba TV will vary depending on the remote control model but the process will remain the same.

Start by turning on your Toshiba TV manually. Locate the Power button and then turn the TV on. Ensure that you position yourself and the universal remote to face the TV.

Then, enter the setup mode. Locate the “TV” option on the universal remote. After that, press the “Setup” or “Program” button on the universal remote. Then, press and hold the button until the indicator light or LED begins blinking. This activates the learning mode of the remote.

Then, enter the correct code. Enter the remote control code for Toshiba TV that you obtained in Step 2. This is done by typing the numbers using the keypad on your remote. if the code is accepted, the indicator light should stop blinking.

In case multiple codes are listed, you should try them individually until you get the one that works. Moreover, take note of the correct code for future reference. Once the code is accepted, the tiny light on the remote will blink 4 times. You can test the remote by pressing buttons like volume up/down or channel up/down for ensuring that the TV corresponds correctly.

After you have programmed the universal remote to Toshiba TV, you should press the “Setup” or “Program” button once more to exit the programming mode.

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