How to Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App

If you use Facebook, you would be aware of the Reels feature that got added to the platform a while back. Facebook reels are short videos similar to what you see on Instagram or TikTok.

However, it isn’t necessary that every Facebook user likes this feature. While there is no way of completely removing reels from Facebook, you can still cut down on the number of reels you see. In this guide, you’ll get to look at different methods to remove or disable reels on Facebook app.

How to remove or disable reels on Facebook app

Method 1: Hide reels via the settings

  • In the app, scroll down until you’ve found the Reels and short videos section
  • Now, tap the ellipsis next to the reels title
  • Tap on “Hide”
  • You will now see fewer reels on the Facebook app

Method 2: Use an older Facebook app version

You cannot exactly remove all reels on the Facebook app as Facebook hasn’t included an official method to do so. However, one way of removing reels on this app is by switching to an older version of the Facebook app.

Method 3: Use Facebook in a web browser

Remove or Disable Reels on Facebook App

As of now, Facebook Reels are only available on Facebook Android and iOS apps. You can make use of the Facebook mobile browser for accessing Facebook without having to worry about seeing reels.

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Method 4: Use a third-party Facebook app

You can also try using a third-party Facebook client app. There are multiple third-party Facebook client apps that offer extra features and customization. It isn’t recommended that you should use a third-party app as it takes more control of your Facebook personal details than the official app. If you’re looking to use one, then you should go for Frost and SlimSocial.

The preceding techniques must be followed based on the device you’re using, and settings must be adjusted. Tell us how it goes without the short videos.

Most applications have replaced TikTok after it was prohibited in various regions. People virtually always use Facebook and Instagram.

If you’ve never used TikTok, you probably don’t enjoy Facebook’s short videos. The article’s tips and recommendations will assist avoid such short video features.

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