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How to repair a corrupted MicroSD card without losing data

Guide: How to repair a corrupted MicroSD card without losing data 2017.This simple guide will help you to Fix a corrupted MicroSD card without losing your important data.

These days MicroSD cards have become really essential and popular storage choices thanks to the popularity of smartphones. But even such small accessories are prone to some issues or the other. An SD card getting corrupted is quite common these days. That is very risky as most of the time we save our important files on external sources like Hard drives or MicroSD cards.

While sometimes it happens due to viruses or other malicious entities whereas sometimes it might happen for no reason at all. Whenever you are trying to use your microSD card on any device, it asks you to format your SD card to fix the issues. There is no sure-shot way in which you won’t lose your data and fix your SD card but there is something which is worth giving a try.

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How to use CHKDSK command to repair a corrupted MicroSD card

Repair a corrupted MicroSD card without losing data

Chkdsk should always be one of your first preferences whenever you are facing such a problem. It is a special command-line tool that can found on every version of Windows which allows you to easily fix and repair a corrupted MicroSD/SD card and also regain access to your important files present in it.

Here, we will be telling you how you can easily get back all your data ever if your SD card gets corrupted.

  1. First of all, plug your MicroSD/SD card into your PC.
  2. Press the windows key and then type “cmd” to search for Command Prompt.
  3. Now, right click on command prompt and then select ‘Run as administrator’.
  4. Now, type if chkdsk/ X /f sd_card_letter: or chkdsk sd_card_letter: /f. If your card shows on your PC as E: then you must type chkdsk / X /f E: or chkdsk E: /f.

Now, windows will check your card for errors and fix them without clearing any data. This particular process might take several minutes depending on the size of your MicroSD/SD card. If you see the message “Windows has made corrections to the file system”, then it means that your card has been fixed and your data is available to be viewed.


How To Recover data using third-party data recovery tool

While there is also a possibility that the method mentioned above might not work. If you are having access to various operating systems then you might feel like you should try your card with all of them, and in some cases, you might even succeed in one of them reading your memory card which will allow you to safely copy your data. But if none of the above methods are successful, then the only option left is to format the card and then trying to recover the data using third-party recovery software such as Restoration, Recuva, and EasUS. Use one of these software as soon as you format your card and ensure that you manage to recover the maximum number of files.

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