How to screen share Netflix on Discord?

Netflix and Discord are two of the coolest things available on the Internet these days. Now imagine how well they’ll work when they’re combined.

It will definitely be great for the fans as they’re two different universes that work well together. On one hand, you’ll get to watch amazing movies and TV shows on Netflix, and on the other hand, is an app that’ll allow you to chat and call people from across the globe.

If you’re looking to find out how to use the two apps together, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to screen share Netflix on Discord.

How to screen share Netflix on Discord?

How to screen share Netflix on Discord?

Method 1: Screen Share Feature on Voice Channel (for Desktop)

  • Navigate to the Netflix website on the browser
  • Enter your login details
  • Open your favorite movie or TV show that you want to watch
  • Open Discord on your PC
  • Choose a server from the left panel
  • Connect to the voice channel where you’ll be streaming Netflix
  • Click on the “Share your Screen” option present at the bottom (the screen icon with an arrow)
  • Choose the browser window where you have opened Netflix
  • Adjust the resolution, frame rate, and stream quality before tapping on “Go Live”
  • Return to Netflix and play your show for live streaming to your friends

Method 2: Start Broadcast (for Mobile)

  • Open the Netflix app and the show that you want to stream
  • Launch the Discord app
  • Now, navigate to the server where you’re looking to stream
  • Join a voice channel
  • Now, you’ll have to Swipe up the bottom
  • Choose the Share Your Screen option
  • Lastly, tap the “Start Broadcast” button

Your screen will be shared and whatever you’re playing on Netflix will be played to the people who join the stream.

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