How to take screenshots on the Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a platform that translates the experience of PC gaming to a smartphone. If you are exclusively accustomed to mouse and keyboard controls, even simple actions such as taking screenshots could require learning a new language of button combinations. If you are struggling to take screenshots, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to take screenshots on the Steam Deck.

How to take screenshots on the Steam Deck

  • Start by holding down the Steam button
  • After that, tap R1
  • A notification will appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Confirm to successfully take a screenshot

This is one of the Steam Deck shortcuts that aren’t made explicit unless you are pressing the Steam button, which presents the full list.

For instance, you should hold down Steam + L1and you will toggle the magnifying tool, which will be perfect for zooming in on the text in strategy and management games. Hold down the Steam button and then tap “X” to bring up the onscreen keyboard at any time while also flicking the left thumbstick up/down. Meanwhile, holding the Steam button raises or lowers the display brightness.

These are some of the useful tricks to know but taking the screenshot using Steam + R1 will be the quickest and easiest method.

Where will the screenshots be saved?

How to take screenshots on the Steam Deck

Unless you don’t mind digging through system folders, you can easily view, upload, and delete the Steam Deck screenshots at any time through SteamOS. Start off by pressing the Steam button and navigate to Media.

To upload a screenshot, you should highlight it and press the Menu button before selecting Upload. Now, confirm the upload and it will add the screenshot to your private library. For making it public, unlisted, or viewable to friends, you will find the screenshot under the “Private” tab. Highlight it, press the Menu button, and then choose your favored visibility setting.

The screenshot folder for the games will be named by their app ID and not by actual game names. Unless you have been capturing shots in dozens of games, it won’t be long until you’re able to find the right one.

You can also use the Steam app itself for jumping to a certain screenshot’s save folder, similar to how it is done on Windows. After that, open the app, click on the “View” option in the top left, and select “Screenshots”. This will open up the Steam screenshots manager, from where you will be able to upload your screenshots or find them by highlighting one and then clicking on the “Show on Disk” option.

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