Huawei mobiles: this is the best way to personalize them thoroughly

Huawei mobiles: this is the best way to personalize them thoroughly, we propose a good way to fully customize a Huawei or Honor mobile to leave it as close as possible to Android stock. And without ROOT.

Huawei mobiles: this is the best way to personalize them thoroughly

Do you want your Huawei or Honor phone to look as close as possible to a Google Pixel? we propose the best way: by applying this theme.Huawei mobile themes that include the EMUI custom layer are a great way to change the appearance of your smartphone with a simple step: access the Huawei store, choose the theme, download it and click the button to apply it.

This store has a huge range of themes that are also free, but the personalisation party does not end there: there are a number of issues developed apart that can be applied in a very simple way.Here in this guide we will cover everything related to customisation on Huawei and Honor devices.

This theme brings the whole look of Android 7 Nougat to Huawei and Honor devices that have version 5 or higher of EMUI. Do you enter into these requirements?

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Change appearance to Android Stock with just one button

Huawei mobiles: this is the best way to personalize them thoroughly

It is one of the biggest advantages of the themes: they not only allow the extreme customization of the layer but also in seconds and without any complication on the part of the user. In this case, the same thing happens, although you will have to do a small process before you can apply the theme.

As SimpleN for EMUI 5 is not in the official in the Huawei store you will have to download it from elsewhere. Although that yes, 100% sure: just download a catalog of themes of the developer from the Google Play Store. In fact, I highly recommend this app: the results are very good.

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Huawei mobiles: this is the best way to personalize them thoroughly

Once you download the application you will enter the catalog of themes. You will see that there are many and quite varied, so you can install whatever you crave. Although, as is the goal of the post, I have opted for one that perfectly mimics the look of Stock Android: SimpleN.

[appbox googleplay com.emuithemesfactory.emuithemesfactory]

Go down to the bottom of the catalog and click on the specific topic. You have three options depending on the density of the screen, so choose depending on it.

  • Click on the topic and then on the option to install.
  • Once downloaded go to the official Themes application, which comes standard with EMUI.
  • go to the local themes folder and apply the one you downloaded.

I do think that SimpleN is one of the most cursed and that best changes the native style to adapt it to Stock Android Feel. From the desktops to the notification area, shortcuts and even adjustments: once you apply it sure you leave it forever.

In addition to the theme of Nougat, the developer has another adapted to Oreo. And many other customization options with which you change the look of your Huawei in few clicks and without ROOT. Give it a try and let us know in the comments below whether you like it or not or you have any better alternatives suggestion.

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