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Install This App That Lets You Auto-Reply To WhatsApp Messages

Install This App That Lets You Auto-Reply To WhatsApp Messages:Ever since WhatsApp became popular, most of the people have given up on SMS. WhatsApp has become the best platform for personal as well as professional messages and conversations. Therefore, smartphone users stay connected and online all the time so that they can reply instantly to the messages they receive through WhatsApp.

But it is not possible to be near your smartphone all the time, and a person who has messaged you on WhatsApp might think that you are online and hence, he or she might wait for your instant reply. In such a scenario, it is better to send an auto-reply after waiting for a certain time period. If you do not respond within that certain time period, an auto-reply message will be sent to the senders to postpone the conversation later.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is yet to implement this feature, and it is particularly important for professional conversations where your clients might be waiting for your response and might get disappointed not getting a timely response even though your status may be showing online. Luckily, there is a third-party app that helps you to send custom auto-replies by setting a timer. The app is named “Can’t Talk” and it lets you set a custom message which could be sent to users sending you messages on WhatsApp and waiting for your instant response. There are various situations when this app will come handy like when you are in a meeting, driving, swimming, taking bath or likewise.

Salient Features Of Can’t Talk App

  • You can send automatic message to any WhatsApp conversation, SMS or even missed calls.
  • You can select the contacts to whom the custom reply have to be sent when not present near the phone.
  • You can personalize your response and set a timer when the auto-reply message will be sent.

How To Auto-Reply To WhatsApp Messages With Can’t Talk App (Android)

Auto-Reply To WhatsApp Messages

Auto-reply to SMS and missed calls is only available in the paid version while WhatsApp auto-reply feature is available in free version. You will get 2 weeks of trial containing the paid features.

Apart from these, there are various upcoming features that you will enjoy immensely like setting different messages for different profiles like work, home, driving profiles. Furthermore, you will be able to send contact specific responses with custom messages for everyone.

Definitely install the app Can’t Talk from Google Play Stores and stop pissing impatient contacts you have and live a stress-free life.

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