Is Overwatch 2 Down: How to check the server status of Overwatch 2

With the full release of Overwatch 2, the game has been on the receiving end of a huge influx of players and this has been causing a few errors and issues with the game. However, it is somewhat of a relief when the problem is related to servers and not something that the players need to troubleshoot themselves. If you’re having server issues with Overwatch 2, this guide will be of great help to you. In this guide, you’ll get to check is Overwatch 2 Down and how you can check the server status of the game.

How to check is Overwatch 2 Down?

With a huge game like Overwatch 2 that has a massive fanbase, there are more tools than usual for checking the game’s server status.

If the game’s server isn’t fully down but feels slightly off to play, a great place to check will be Game Server Ping for Overwatch 2. It will tell you the current ping of all Overwatch 2 servers and higher numbers will mean that things aren’t all that smooth. While the game can definitely run and function at higher ping results, it’s a great indication that something is wrong on a wide scale.

Alternative methods to check the server status of Overwatch 2

Is Overwatch 2 Down: How to check the server status of Overwatch 2

An alternative method and one of the most reliable ways to check for issues is Downdetector. This service tends to rely on players from all over the world submitting reports that they’re having problems. This is a proven way as you don’t have to wait for any sort of official acknowledgment or notice to know that the game is facing issues.

If you are looking for official information from developers, Twitter is their platform of choice. You can follow the accounts of developers Mike Ybarra and Aaron Keller and you’ll be able to see any major updates about the servers there.

Additionally, the PlayOverwatch Twitter account is also there to help you. However, it seems to focus much more on marketing than server updates and the same can be said about the news section of the Overwatch website.

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