How to Launch OnePlus/Oppo Hidden Hardware Diagnostic Tests

Both OnePlus and Oppo are sister companies. Before OnePlus stepped into the market all the way back in 2014, the only big tech giants in China were Xiaomi and Oppo. A little idea turned into an evolution, and here we have the OnePlus company that basically rules the entire smartphone industry with its super cheap premium phones that easily beat Samsung’s and Apple’s flagships out every year.

Thanks to the relation, both Oppo and OnePlus share a few set of features. For instance, every smartphone needs to undergo a set of real hardware tests before making it into the assembly line. Sometimes, manufacturers like to put forward some hidden hardware diagnostic tests that users can take advantage of.

These include checking for the condition of speakers, display’s calibration, the vibration motors, the led notification light, the primary and secondary cameras. Today, we have a very little but advantageous trick for all of you OnePlus and Oppo users out there. Here is How to Launch OnePlus/Oppo Hidden Hardware Diagnostic Tests.

How to Launch OnePlus/Oppo Hidden Hardware Diagnostic Tests 

Launch OLaunch OnePlus/Oppo Hidden Hardware Diagnostic Tests

  1. On your OnePlus/Oppo device, launch the stock dialer application.
  2. Type in the code *#808# and a screen with various options should pop up right away.
  3. Note that this works perfectly only for OnePlus devices running OxygenOS and Oppo devices running their stock firmware.
  4. You will have a visual on a plethora of different tests here, and you can individually select one by one to ensure your device is perfectly functional.

    How to Launch OnePlus/Oppo Hidden Hardware Diagnostic Tests
    Credits – xda

This code might work for many devices as well, since it is used as the universal hidden code, just try firing up the stock dialer application on your device, and punch in the code for some luck. If you have any issues/queries regarding the article, then make sure you refer us down below.

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