Lawnchair 14 Beta 2 is now live, features and download link

After much wait and anticipation, the Lawnchair 14 Beta 2 has finally arrived with the full support for the newest OS build.

As a popular third-party launcher for Android devices, Lawnchair 14 is a great choice for users looking for a clean, Pixel-like experience with the bonus of several customization options and functions.

The new Lawnchair 14 Beta 2 is based on Lawnchair 12 and it includes new functions like no-root global search, Quick Switch support for Android 10-14, the option to hide the persistent dock, and more.

Download the new Lawnchair 14 Beta 2

Lawnchair 14 Beta 2

Here is where you need to go to if you want to get your hands on the new Lawnchair 14 Beta 2 update –

Lawnchair 14 Beta 2 – Download

Features of the new Lawnchair update

Here are some of the changes that have been made to the Lawnchair 14 Beta 2 update –

  • Fixed the big where Lawnchair was crashing on Android 9 and certain Lenovo devices on Android 10
  • The spacing issue in the announcement settings is fixed
  • Fixed the “Apps and Shortcuts” being tied to the “Files” suggestion in the Drawer Search settings

Further, in the changelog, it has been mentioned that certain functions exclusive to Android 14 might not appear on devices running older builds.

My experience with Lawnchair 14 Beta 2

Lawnchair Beta 2 Screenshots
Lawnchair Beta 2 Screenshots | Pic: rootmygalaxy
I installed the Lawnchair Beta 2 when it was released. I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The launcher feels smooth. The animations in some parts are broken, for example the return to home from an opened app. It’s not the launcher’s fault, but with custom skins like One UI, these animations have not been working for the last few years. Apart from that, it is one of the best experiences I have had with a launcher. There are tons of customization options. There is a Material You look throughout the settings, and it gives a very close vibe and look to the Pixel Launcher’s appearance.

While Lawnchair supports Android 13 or below, certain features exclusive to Android 14 might not show up in these Android versions. A notable example will be the taskbar, which won’t show up on Android 12 or below. While rooted users will be able to enjoy Lawnchair with QuickSwitch, it leaves most of the users in the dust when talking about Launcher-Recents animations.

QuickSwitch is one of the headline additions as it has been supported for a while but it works much better with Android 10 to Android 14 devices. This allows for customizations for the Recents app switcher while helping you retain smooth animations and transitions.

Global Search is yet another neat addition brought along by Lawnchair 14. When Lawnchair 14 is set as the default launcher, you’ll be able to easily find contacts, settings, files, internet, and more. This is usually available only on the default stock launcher, which makes this such a great addition.

Lawnchair 14 also includes numerous theming options, with the option to hide the Dock, enhanced font support, custom icon shapes, and more.

We hope this helped you know more about Launcher 14 Beta 2 update going live. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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