List of Bluboo devices getting official Android 9.0 P

Expected List of Bluboo devices getting official Android 9.0 P: Google I/O event 2018 is fast approaching and every Android user is looking forward to the event as there are strong reports of Google releasing the next version of Android OS and it is going to by Android 9.0 P. The company has not named it yet and that will be unveiled upon its release. There are awesome new features and enhancements available as reported by the developers who are trying it out. It is also going to be a major upgradable for the smartphone users worldwide just like it was with Oreo.

If you are a Bluboo user, you have reasons for apprehensions as Bluboo has poor records in providing OTA update extremely late. We have compiled a tentative list of Bluboo devices that can get Android P.

New Features Android 9.0 P Comes With –

Android P is gearing up for its release and it looks like the OS is going to be feature-rich as indicated by the developers who are testing it out.

Notch Support – The major change in Android P that everyone is talking about is its support for top-notch design. The top-notch design of the smartphones has been led by Apple in their iPhone X and every Android smartphone manufacturer is copying the same. To make it convenient for the smartphone users, Android P will let the developers optimize their apps so that no part of the app stays hidden behind the notch.

Indoor Navigation – With Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11mc technology, Android P will come with the unexpected indoor navigation. You can roam about and find your own way in the large commercial buildings like shopping malls easily with this feature provided your smartphone has the technology or hardware.

Restricted Access – Your mic and camera can only be accessed by an app that is currently open on the screen of your smartphone. There are instances reported where background apps that should have been inactive are accessing your mic and camera secretly and recording your conversation and video for spying on you. Android P brings a stop to this and increases your personal safety in the best possible way.

Screenshot Editing –It is time to delete the app you have downloaded for editing your screenshots as Android P is coming with a native app like clock and alarm with which you can edit your screenshots like a pro starting from editing the size to writing texts and hand-free drawing.

Apart from these features, you will be able to connect five Bluetooth devices, there will be multi-camera support for the developers to create innovative apps to make the best use of available camera sensors and a dark mode has been introduced as requested by the OLED screen users.


Expected List of Bluboo Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P

List of Bluboo devices getting official Android 9.0 P

The following is the list of Bluboo devices that can get Android 9.0 P update from Bluboo.

  • Bluboo S8
  • Bluboo S8+
  • Bluboo D5 Pro
  • Bluboo S1(New)

This is not the final list and new devices can be added in the due time. Therefore, keep following us on the updated list.

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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