List of UMIDIGI devices getting official android 9.0 P

List of UMIDIGI devices getting official android 9.0 P: It is only a few months away before Google releases the official version of Android P for the smartphone users across the world. The Develop Preview version has already been released and it has been close to a month that Google is working on the feedbacks and bugs reported by the developers. This is going to be surprising for many especially those who have not received an OTA update of Oreo yet from their OEM. Oreo was a major upgrade over Nougat and Android P is going to be the same over Oreo. The developers have reported various features and changes in Android P that will make the OS user-friendly and extremely useful than ever. If you are having a UMIDIGI device, you must be wanting to know which UMDIGI devices are going to get Android P when it releases in Google I/O 2019 most probably.

New Features Android P Comes With –

The following is the list of only a few new features that Android P is coming with. The entire list will be released upon the release of the OS officially. More and more new features are being revealed by developers who are trying it out now.

Notch Support – Just like iPhone X, every smartphone manufacturers are releasing smartphones with the top-notch design for their bezel-less smartphones.  This is going to be the trend in 2018 and maybe in coming years too. That is why Android P will have support for top-notch design due to which it will no more be a problem for the apps or videos to stay hidden behind the notch as they can be optimized accordingly.

Indoor Navigation – With Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11mc technology and hardware, Android P will showcase the indoor navigation. This feature will be useful in large commercial buildings like shopping malls, offices, and likewise. There are endless possibilities just like Google Maps and GPS system for outdoor navigation.

No More Spying – A recent security concern that came up after it was revealed that various trusted and malicious apps are spying you secretly. There are recording your phone conversations and recording videos from the background as they have the permission to use your microphone and camera. Android P will bring an end to this as the background apps will be barred from using mic or camera.

Editing Screenshots –You do not have to install an external third-party app to edit the screenshots you take as Android P will have a native screenshot editing tool. You can select to crop, write texts and draw sketches and perform various other functions effortlessly.

Apart from these awesome new features, there are features like multi-camera support, multiple Bluetooth device support, a dark mode for OLED screen and likewise.


Expected List of UMIDIGI Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P –

Expected List of UMIDIGI Devices Getting Official Android 9.0 P

The following is the list of UMIDIGI devices that can get Android 9.0 P OTA update from UMIDIGI.

  • UMIDIGI A1 Pro
  • UMIDIGI S2 Pro
  • UMIDIGI S2 Lite
  • UMIDIGI Crystal

This is not the final list and new devices can be added in the due time. Therefore, keep following us for the updated list.

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Dibyashree Sharma
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