Download the latest MIUI 13 Full HD stock wallpapers

Xiaomi recently started rolling out the Android 12-based MIUI 13 firmware and this firmware update brings in several new features, customizations, visual changes, enhanced security, and privacy features, while also providing an overall smooth experience.

With the official release of the MIUI 13 update, this update will also bring in the latest high-definition wallpapers. In this article, you’ll be able to get the information you need for downloading and using the stock wallpapers of MIUI 13 in full HD. You can further crop the wallpapers according to your device’s display resolution.

MIUI 13 stock wallpapers available for download

The new MIUI 13 update will come with numerous features with inclusive design, with the icons getting the 3D texture, new privacy changes, and several other features. Moreover, it comes with a new set of wallpapers that you’ll be able to download for your smartphones running on MIUI 13 firmware.

There are 43 stock wallpapers that you can download on your Xiaomi or non-Xiaomi smartphones and use as wallpapers on your device. The MIUI 13 wallpapers have been divided into five categories – Crystallization, Molten Glass, Natural Texture, Concerto, and Black Gobi.

Download and use the high-resolution stock wallpapers of MIUI 13

Download the latest MIUI 13 Full HD stock wallpapers

In total, there are 43 wallpapers with resolution 2340 x 2340 pixels, coming in a package file that features several high-quality wallpapers. The MIUI 13 crystallization wallpapers have been made with collab between the Beauty of Science (BOS) brand and the MIUI team. The wallpapers are showing varied forms and changes of different crystals such as Vitamin C and citric acid during the formation process.

You can easily download the MIUI 13 Stock Wallpapers by visiting the link mentioned below –

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