Download Nothing OS 2.5.2 OTA update for Nothing Phone 2 (Android 14)

Exciting times lie ahead for users of the Nothing Phone 2, as the globally much-awaited Nothing OS 2.5.2 update has started its rollout. This Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update, which is built on the Android 14 platform, not only tackles critical bugs but also introduces a bunch of features, eventually elevating the user experience to new heights. Let us take a look at the features, improvements, and steps to install the update.

Features Introduced in Nothing OS 2.5.2

Direct Access to Glyph Interface’s Music Visualisation

Users can now directly access the Music Visualisation feature within the Glyph Interface, providing a deep and involved visual journey while enjoying their favourite tunes.

Quick Settings Enhancements

  • Responding to user feedback, the update incorporates a switch for ring modes within Quick Settings, offering more control to users.
  • An added feature surfaces with the ability to set the network directly via Quick Settings, which removes the need to unlock the device for routine network adjustments.

Visual and Stability Improvements

  • Enthusiasts will appreciate the refined visual effects on the lock screen interface, which provide a polished and modernised appearance.
  • The optimisation of icon display in the status bar contributes to a cleaner and more organised user interface.
  • The update aims to boost user interaction by improving the success rate of fingerprint unlocking, which ensures a secure device access experience.
  • Transition animations for the Photos widget receive a facelift, contributing to a more visually pleasing overall interface.
  • The emphasis on stability extends to call and connection quality, addressing potential disruptions, and enhancing the overall user communication experience.

Download and Discover Nothing OS 2.5.2 OTA update for phone 2 based on android 14

Bug Fixes

  • Addressing performance concerns, the game dashboard’s Frames Per Second (FPS) receives an update to ensure regular and consistent updates.
  • The update tackles issues such as the Glyph switch automatically turning on in specific scenarios and volume fluctuations during the Flip to Glyph feature.
  • Automatic Glyph turn-off outside of the designated bedtime schedule is now resolved, which offers a more reliable Glyph experience.
  • Music playback during incoming calls in vibrate mode is fixed, ensuring an uninterrupted calling experience.
  • Enhancements to double-tapping the power button for launching the wallet and addressing the absence of battery percentage in the status bar contribute to a more refined user experience.
    Stability issues with NFC functionality have been successfully resolved, ensuring seamless usage of this feature.

Additional Features Introduced in Nothing OS 2.5

  • The update brings forth a redesigned joint Home Screen and Lock Screen, streamlining the user interface and navigation.
  • Users can now enjoy the Atmosphere wallpaper effect, which transforms background photos into dynamic wallpapers, seamlessly transitioning between the lock and home screens.
  • The Glass wallpaper effect allows users to apply a Glass filter to their preferred wallpapers, adding a touch of personalisation to the device.
  • Notable additions include Glyph progress integration for Google Calendar, an upgraded Glyph Timer with time presets, and dynamic widgets like the Pedometer Widget, Media Player Widget, and Screen Time Widget.


Download Nothing OS 2.5.2 for Phone 2

How to Install Nothing: OS 2.5.2 OTA Update

  • Confirm that your system is updated to the latest version (Nothing OS 2.0).
  • Download the latest software update package.
  • Create a folder named ota at the root of the internal storage.
  • Copy the OTA update ZIP file to the OTA folder.
  • Dial *#*#682#*#* to launch the local update tool.
  • Select the upgrade package in the drop-down list.
  • Tap Directly apply the OTA from the selection to start updating.
  • Reboot your device after the upgrade process is complete.

Note: If the dialer doesn’t work in your region then you can use the Activity Launcher app or QuickShortcutMaker to locate and execute the OfflineOTAUpgrade tool.

The package name you should be looking for is com.nothing.OfflineOTAUpgradeApp.

Downgrade NOS 1.5.6 | Download roll-back package

Consider the future of smartphone experiences with Nothing OS 2.5.2, an update that not only addresses existing concerns but also introduces features that redefine the user interaction paradigm. Download and install the update to unlock the latest enhancements, features, and optimisations, ensuring Nothing Phone 2 stays at the forefront of innovation.

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