Party Animals PS4 and PS5 Release date, Gameplay Rumors, and other details

Party Animals is a game developed by Recreate Games, a game studio that was founded by Luo Zixiong, the former design director at Smartisan. The game was first teased in September 2019. Open Demos of the game became available to the public in June and October 2020 for short spans of time. Party Animals is a game that has everything you could want in an animal-based multiplayer brawler – cats, dogs, otters, bunnies, and more. But when is the Party Animals release date on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5? In this guide, you will get to know that and so much more.

Gameplay details

In the brawler/party game, the players can punch, jump, toss, kick, and headbutt each other. They’re also able to pick up a wide assortment of weapons. You can choose to go solo or even play co-op with friends (or strangers) and try winning the top spot with friends.

Engage players the way that you want. You should have fun with others as you’re trudging through different levels with varying difficulties and fighting for the top spot. You can fight your friends as kittens, puppies, and other fuzzy creatures in the game. Paw it out with your friends in the online and offline modes.

Party Animals PS4 and PS5 Release date, Gameplay Rumors, and other details

Currently, the game only features two game modes, Last Stand, a free-for-all skirmish, and Snatch Squad, which is an objective-based capture-the-flag style game mode. In the former, the player will have to battle up to 7 other animals with the objective of being the last animal standing. In the latter, the players will be divided into two teams of up to 4 players each and then fight over gummies in the center of the arena, which can be dropped into their team’s pit for points.

Party Animals release date for PS4 and PS5

The Party Animals PS4 and PS5 release dates haven’t officially been announced yet. In fact, Recreate Games hasn’t exactly mentioned a release on these platforms since it signed the Xbox console exclusivity deal with Microsoft. However, it is speculated that the game will be arriving on the Xbox platform in early 2023.


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