Phasmophobia: A Complete Guide to the Game

Phasmophobia is a cooperative horror game that has taken the gaming world by storm.It was created by Kinetic Games and is accessible on Windows PCs through Steam.

If you’re someone who loves horror games and delights in grouping up with pals to unravel riddles and unearth secrets, then Phasmophobia is a must-try that’ll have you captivated and on the brink of your seat.

How to Play Phasmophobia (Full Walkthrough)

Here is a full guide to playing Phasmophobia, outlining all the things you need to know for mastering it. From the gameplay, mechanics and controls to the various utensils that come with it, this walkthrough will guide you through the haunting world of Phasmophobia and help you be an excellent ghost hunter.


Phasmophobia: A Complete Guide to the Game

In Phasmophobia, players assume the role of ghost hunters tasked with investigating haunted locations to identify and gather evidence of the supernatural. The players must learn to recognise and overcome a range of different ghosts with special attributes, flaws, and behavioural patterns in order to win the game.

The mechanics of the game are made to make players feel anxious and afraid. Players will use a variety of ghost hunting tools such as EMF readers, UV lights, and spirit boxes to locate and interact with the spirits. Communication is key in this game as players must work together to collect evidence and complete objectives before the ghost becomes hostile and attacks.

Objectives can vary from identifying the type of ghost present in the location to capturing a photo of it, discovering the location of its remains, or simply surviving for a set amount of time. Completing objectives earns the players money, which can be used to purchase more advanced equipment to assist them in their next ghost hunt.

Getting Started:

You will want a Windows PC and a Steam account in order to play Phasmophobia. Selecting “Play” from the main menu will start the game when you’ve paid for and downloaded it. You can choose to play single, host your own game, or join a public game from this point on.

Players can decide what kind of ghost they will be pursuing and their equipment loadout when they begin a new game. It is important to keep in mind that some ghosts are harder to control than others, therefore it is suggested to start with the easier ghosts until you are more comfortable with the game’s basic concepts.


Phasmophobia offers a wide range of equipment to assist players in their ghost hunts. Each piece of equipment has a specific purpose and can be crucial to collecting evidence and identifying the ghost. Here are some of the equipment available in the game:

EMF Reader: Detects electromagnetic fields and can be used to identify the ghost’s presence.

Thermometer: Measures temperature changes and can be used to identify cold spots, which are often associated with the ghost’s presence.

UV Light: Reveals fingerprints and footprints left by the ghost.

Spirit Box: Allows players to communicate with the ghost by asking it questions.

Camera: Used to capture photos of the ghost for evidence.

Crucifix: Used to prevent the ghost from attacking.

Game Controls:

Phasmophobia features a fairly straightforward control scheme. Players use the WASD keys to move, the mouse to look around, and the E key to interact with objects. The game also supports VR headsets, which allows for a more immersive ghost hunting experience.


Phasmophobia also features cooperative play, where players can team up with up to three other players to investigate haunted locations. For people who appreciate teamwork and playing cooperatively to solve puzzles and conquer barriers, this is a terrific experience.

Ingame voice chat is another aspect of the game that enables interaction between players and real-time tactical planning. It is vital to remember that the ghost’s actions can vary based on how many players are participating in the game.

Phasmophobia is a thrilling cooperative horror game that provides a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With its detailed ghost behavior patterns, variety of tools and objectives, and multiplayer support, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular game among horror and gaming fans alike.

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